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Trail Hoppers is a French company on a mission to empower outdoor adventurers with versatile, lightweight, and durable gear. We equip them with the tools to explore freely and confidently.

Our first product is The Cape, a 3-in-1 Hammock that easily transforms into a Poncho or a Tarp. Trail Hoppers was founded in 2023. We launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in June which reached the funding goal in 24h.

We received an ISPO Award and a French Outdoor Award.

The idea came during a round-the-world tour. Pierre had a rain poncho in his well-filled backpack, but couldn't stop picturing himself in a hammock hung in the beautiful landscapes he visited. In South America, he came up with a design and worked with a seamstress to modify his poncho: the very first 3-en-1 Cape prototype was born.

You can download our Media file to get our official logo and photos.

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