The 3-in-1 Cape

Hammock | Poncho | Tarp

3 functions in 1 product

Before any adventure, deciding what to bring and what to leave behind can be a challenge. Not anymore! With Trail Hoppers, you can save space in your backpack without compromise.

Discover The Cape: a Hammock to relax, a Poncho to stay dry, and a Tarp to shelter — all in one compact and lightweight package that you'll want to take everywhere you go.

It's the perfect companion for travelers, hikers, and all outdoor lovers. The Cape is smart by design, a true Swiss army knife for adventurers.

Hammock mode

Innovative conversion system

Daisy chain straps are embedded directly inside The Cape, so you can transform it into a hammock in one simple gesture. Moreover, a super strong zipper hides the poncho's hood underneath while keeping the hammock snug.

Hammock mode

Ultralight suspension

No knots are required to install the hammock! The suspension system also includes ultralight Tree straps, large enough to protect tree's bark, that are easily connected to the hammock by carabiners (also included).

Hammock mode

Premium materials

The hammock Ripstop Nylon fabric feels great to the touch. Like the suspension straps (in UHMWPE material), it is super strong yet extremely light. The Cape is rated for 150kg so you can hang safely in the hammock.

Poncho mode

Elastic belt

An elastic belt allows adjusting the poncho to fit any height. It is attached to the storage bag so you never lose it. Along with the belt, the 3 snaps on each side mean your poncho won’t be flapping in the wind.

Poncho mode

100% waterproof

With the poncho on, you will stay dry, no matter what. The fabric is 100% waterproof with a hydrostatic rating of 3000mm (aka: just like any premium tent) and all the seams are taped. The hood has a rigidified cap to protect you face from dripping rain.

Poncho mode

Backpack protection

Ditch your backpack cover and save even more weight ! Our poncho is purposefully slightly longer at the back so you can place any backpack size underneath and fully protect your gear.

Tarp mode

Multiple configurations

A Tarp is a versatile shelter. Thanks to its 8 tie-outs points (4 corners and middle of each side), you can set up the Cape in many ways to shield from the sun, the wind or the rain.

Tarp mode

Rolled hood

In tarp mode, the hood can be rolled and attached, just like a dry bag. This provides a 100% waterproof protection, better than a storm-flap or a water-resistant zipper that often let some water trickle through.

Tarp mode

Ultralight stakes

To set up The Cape as a tarp, add the optional 6 ultralight aluminium stakes. No need for additional cords: you can re-use the 4 suspension straps as guylines, with trees, hiking poles or sticks.

A recognized innovation

ISPO Award

"Exceptionally well thought-out, The Cape can save space in a backpack due to its multiple purposes. An absolute recommendation for the next backpacking adventure."

French Outdoor Awards

"Trail Hoppers offers a versatile product for hikers and travelers. The Cape makes a lot of sense: "less but better", a unique product with multiple uses."